“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”

- Crowfoot

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Office politics v2.0

Name calling.
Appeals to authority.
Snarky, passive agressive comments.
And I thought I graduated high school a year and a half ago. You got it. This is not a day in the life of your average middle-Canadian 15-year-old highschooler, but an average middle-aged cubicle worker!
In the last two days alone I have witness a what can be equated with a school yard spat settled by the principal and pleasant conversation dumped on it's head with an unwanted, snarky comment.
I am a summer student in a government office witnessing grown adults behave like children! This is a female dominated atmosphere and the estrogen is unbearable. At 19 years old, I still remember the days of my parents teaching to be well mannered and nice. I was taught that gossip was mean, especially when it involves spreading rumours about others. Yet here I am bearing witness to exactly that. Not necessarily the rumours, because here it isn't gossip if someone is pregnant or sleeping with someone new - people here are adults and SHOULD be having babies as a result of healthy sexual relationships. This gossip takes the form of being perfectly friendly to a coworker's face and then 5 minutes later insulting her repeated during a rant to another.
I have learned I can only trust the other summer students working with me here. For all I know these women who have welcomed me so warmly could very well be backstabbing me without my knowledge.
One godsend is the fact that a new - male - employee is coming soon. Maybe he will add the needed dose of testosterone... but in the words of Mr T: "I pity the fool!" I am only imagine that this 'cowboy' as he is already being described, will take up the current vacancy of Official 3rd Floor Man-Meat.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to my mind!

I hope you all enjoy what you read hear, I really like writing. But truth be told, I am not writing this for you, I am writing this blog for me. To organize my thoughts and such. The deeper, more sensitive stuff I will keep for my paper-and-pen journal that resideson my bedside table.
The purpose of creating this blog is to narrate the journey I take planning my future. I know that probably sounds incredibly arrogant, self important and just plain boring. But the truth is I usually have so many thing whipping through my head that I usually forget things that I really shouldn't.
To give you a bit of an idea... I am a second year nursing student. That alone would be enough to screw over my brain - trust me. However, I am currently in the midst of planning a year abroad starting in May. And there is no going back now. I have already bought my ticket to London where I will be living with my auntand working next summer. From there, my plan is to travel to Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia for a year abroad at Charles-Sturt University. For those of you unaware of where in the hell that is (like I was before hearing about the program, it is about half way between Sydney and Melbourne on the south-east 'corner' or the continent.
I am currently waiting for my British Passport to arrive (or rather to be approved) so that I don't have to apply for a vixa to work in London for the summer. I am looking into travelling to Paris for a weekend to meet up with a friend from high school, too.
On my way home from this trip, I am trying to plan stopover in California, New York and Maryland to check out gradschools. Right now I am looking at UCLA, UCSF, NYU, John's Hopkins and Columbia. I know it seems way too far in advance, but really, when I am heading home from Australia, it will only be a year away from going to one of them!
Then I have also volunteered to plan my cousin's baby shower at the end of January. Iam honoured to be the one to host it, I just need to create a planner and a bunch of lists so that I don't forget something.
Hence the blog.
I may also throw something in there about a movie or Meryl Streep or a poem or a story or feelings or rants or WHATEVER...
I hope you enjoy!